Friday, 20 July 2018

Reconstructing Smiles: Reconstructing Lives

All it matters is to have that wide smile on your face whatever the situation is! The day when begins with a bright smile can end in the same. And the confidence you can have from the same is out of bounds. But have you ever felt the lack of confidence when your heart truly wanted to burst out into the brightest laugh? If yes, then do not worry, for The Perfect Smile Dental clinic is here with the best smile correction in Bangalore.

smile designing in bangalore

The smile makeover is the total rebuilding of your smile by reconstructing each dimension to make your smile the best that you could ever imagine. Smile reconstruction is specific to each person and each procedure is done according to the requirements of the patient. At Perfect Smile Dental clinic, the expert panel of dentists have their patient’s first round of checkup and further discuss with the patients the list of treatments and procedures he will need to go through to better his/her smile.

Tooth Implants: In cases of lost tooth either due to an injury or an infection, the primary step is to completely fill all the points in the dental line.

Dental veneers: These are artificial porcelain dental shaped coverings used in cases of disordered alignment or spacing, worn out enamel etc.

Teeth whitening: Stains on teeth are the primary cause for the yellowing of teeth and it is of high importance to keep them healthy and hygienic.

smile designing in bangalore

Composite bonding: It is the procedure of using dental materials to bond with the dentitions. This can be done to fill the gaps between the teeth, to repair the chips or cracks on the tooth etc.

Tooth jewellery: For people who love fancy stuff in love, tooth jewellery is a bright option to use a stone for the dentition or maybe a piercing.

Above all, keeping your teeth clean and healthy is the first step towards smile makeover and the primary goal. Perfect Smile, the best in smile enhancement procedure in Karnataka, uses the best of its technology available today to bring out the best results. Our doctors preferably advise the regular check-ups and routines to maintain the results! So, step in at Perfect Smile, cosmetic dental hospital in Bangalore to reinvent your smile!
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